*Price Updated on 7 Jan 2019*

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USB Drive As My Main Way to Deliver Your Full Resolution Photos
The client will be provided with a thumbdrive and not CD/DVD.

Photo Editing With Adobe Lightroom
For any editing process, it will take around 5-7 days after the event and only upon client request.

Travel Cost
For KL & Selangor, there will be no transportation costs.

For anywhere away from KL & Selangor, The client needs to provide the hospitality (hotel rooms etc) and I will charge the travel cost up to RM200.

I will only provide printing service upon customer's request only.

For table top frame, the size would be 8" x 12".
For small wall frame, the size would be 10" x 14".
For medium wall frame, the size would be 14" x 20".
For large wall frame, the size would be 16" x 24".

Essentials & Recommendations
I would like to meet my client to discuss the event. I would like to see the venue in order to observe and preview the essentials and details of the venue. It also helps me to prepare my gear setup for the event.

No videography services.

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